Empowering girls,one sanitary pad at a time. Empowering Youth, intentional conversation at a time.

We are a youth centered non-profit whose mission is to fight Period Poverty and amplify the Mental Health dialogue.

Every action counts. By providing a comprehensive and inclusive Menstrual education and raising awareness to end the stigma on Mental Health,we hope to leave a tangible change in the Health sector and Humanitarian outreach area.

~We want women and girls to experience their period with dignity. Unlimited Sis debunks myths around Period Poverty through Menstrual education and distributes free Sanitary Pads to schools and foster homes.
~The stigma around Mental Health is worrisome. We raise awareness to end the stigma and create a safe space to support young men and women in their Mental Wellness journey. 

No girl should ever miss school due to lack of Sanitary Pads. To support our mission,give a girl a dignified Period by donating or partnering with us.

A donation to Unlimited Sis is an investment in extraordinary impact.

For any inquiries,collaborations or donations, Please Contact us at info@unlimitedsis.org